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Do you need a Probate Loan? If other loan providers have turned you away, the team at Probate Loans is here to help. We understand firsthand the difficulties you face as a Probate or individual when you’re trying to get things to run smoothly. As a result, we offer less stringent lending requirements than other loan servicers. Gain the support you need to keep moving forward with one of our loans in California.

When you need financial assistance, deciding who and where to borrow money from can be a tough decision. Moreover, you’re likely to be entrusting some of your most valued assets as surety to the lender. Fortunately, we’re widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy private lenders in the state. As your dedicated hard money lender, we’re prepared to offer a customized solution that works best for you at some of the lowest rates possible.

Offering a Wide Range of Financial Services

At our business, we specialized in virtually all types of real estate loans. No matter if you’re looking to acquire new commercial or residential space, we’re prepared to provide you the funding you need. When conventional lending sources have turned you down, we’re here to help provide you with an effective, swift solution.

Our team consists of highly competent loan specialists who are well-versed in the world of real estate finance. Over the years, we’ve developed a strong track record for building lasting, mutually beneficially relationships with clients that they can count on by providing exceptional loan assistance and mortgage lending services. Whether you’re looking to refinance an existing loan, earn a hard money loan, or funding for a traditional or non-traditional mortgage, you can count on us for a personalized solution.

Offering Help When You Need It Most

While we excel at providing financing for people who want to buy houses, we offer more than just mortgage lending services. Other options include equity loans, bridge loans, construction loans, and nearly any type of real estate loan. Our goal is to be the only company you turn to for financial assistance. Depending on your needs, we can offer you anywhere from $25,000 to $5,000,000 quickly after we walk you through our simple, straightforward paperwork process.

At any time, life may throw you a curveball that results in unexpected costs. Sometimes, the costs are expected if you have planned a trip or want to expand your business. Whatever your needs, we look forward to partnering with you and facilitating your growth.

Contact us today at 818-266-8848 or fill out a loan application and see what we can do to help you. We proudly serve clients throughout the state of California.

The Process

The Process

Probate is the first step in a legal process to redistribute the property of someone who has passed away. Learn more about the process.

Probate Help

The Process

Solving financial issues is easy with loans and probate services from Probate Loan in California. It is our goal to help you get money promptly and without hassle. We assist in procuring estate loans and inheritance advances.


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Probate Loan in California, provides financial resources and advice for resolving trust and probate real estate problems. Our services include financing and helping you find resolutions to your probate issues. However, we are not attorneys. If you are experiencing financial problems concerning your trust or estate property, then we have a solution for you. The most important aspect of our service is the care we give to each client. You can place your full confidence in our ability to help you through the process.

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